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About School Psychology (M.S.E., ED.S.)

100% of our recent graduates have gained employment in school psychology and related fields.

Welcome to the Master of Science in Education School Psychology and Educational Specialist in School Psychology programs! With a degree in school psychology, you can create positive environments and make a difference in the lives of children.

US News and World Report ranks the position of school psychologist #17 on its list of The 100 Best Jobs of 2015—and #1 on its list of Best Social Services Jobs. Read what they have to say >>

"Building Learning Communities Through Critical Reflection"

The school psychology program is comprehensive, integrated and sequential. Courses reflect the most current advances in the field of school psychology and education, with a commitment to the implementation and integration of the most current technology applications.

To receive your license, you are required to complete both the master's degree as well as the specialist-level training. The combined M.S.E./Ed.S. program can be completed on a full-time or part-time basis. The full time program includes two years of full-time study followed by a full-time internship. The part-time option—ideal for the working professional—requires three years of part-time coursework followed by a full-time school-based internship.

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