Gain professional experience!

Image of school psychology students with grade school students in Argentina

The School Psychology Program is structured so that course content blends effectively with field experience. The practicum experience provides supervised opportunities to hone skills required in professional practice. This experience also includes a complementary course individually based on setting and field supervisor. This provides the opportunity to develop professionally under the guidance of other professionals. 

Field experience culminates in a hands-on internship. The internship is completed on a full-time basis for one school year in a school district, supervised by qualified school psychologists. Students are compensated with a stipend during their nine month internship; funding is contingent upon the approval of an Ohio Department of Education budgetary item by the legislature every two years. Currently, the stipend is the state minimum for a teacher with no experience. Internships outside of the state of Ohio are not covered by this funding source and may not be compensated.

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