Adolescence to Young Adult Education (EYA)

About the EYA program

The Department of Teacher Education offers a Bachelor of Science in Education and Health Sciences in Adolescence to Young Adult Education. The program meets all requirements for a state of Ohio license to teach learners ages 12-21 and grades 7-12. A student has three options to meet the program requirements for adolescence to young adult (EYA) licensure:

  1. B.S.E. with a major in EYA
  2. B.S.E. with a major in EYA and an additional major in the College of Arts and Sciences
  3. B.S.E. with a major in EYA and a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree in the College of Arts and Sciences (dual degree)

A student in the EYA program is required to have a single comprehensive teaching field. The number of semester hours to complete the teaching field requirements varies across programs. A student must meet all academic and competency requirements in order to continue in the program, to student teach and be recommended for licensure. In addition, all field and clinical experiences must be successfully completed. Students are expected to have completed all of the teaching concentration courses prior to student teaching; exceptions must be approved by a faculty adviser. In order for the University of Dayton to approve the state of Ohio teaching license application, applicants must have on file in the SEHS dean's office passing scores on the state of Ohio licensure tests.

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