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Study abroad

In summer 2018, a group of Health & Sports Science students will travel to Spain & Portugal. Program courses will examine nutritional and organizational characteristics of each country and learn how research is communicated and performed in different cultures.  Interaction with local faculty and students will expose students to health and sport professions in Spain and Portugal and allow for students and faculty to connect course content to each country’s environment.

Note: The deadline for the 2018 program has passed. Visit the Center for International Programs, Office of Education Abroad for other study abroad opportunities.

Undergraduate research with faculty

Each year, undergraduate students work alongside faculty to conduct and publish research in respected journals, such as Journal of Strength and ConditioningFuture FocusJournal of Exercise Physiology online and Applied Research in Coaching and Athletics.

Graduate assistantships

Graduate assistantships are competitive and limited. Assistantships are available in several departments within the School of Education & Health Sciences.