Student highlights: Dietetics Class of 2018

Explore the links below to learn more about the UD Dietetics Class of 2018, including the internship match rate and names of award winners.

You'll also get the chance to read what our students think about the dietetics program -- in their own words.

2018 internship match rate

  • UD Dietetic match rate: 100%
  • National match rate (average): 53%

Award winners

Dietetics award-winning student with HSS department chair

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Leadership positions held by dietetics students

  • Executive positions in social and academic clubs

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Additional majors and minors (other than dietetics)

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Psychology minor
  • Sustainability, Energy, and Environment (SEE) minor

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Service to profession

  • Assisted with New Student Orientation (NSO) for the Department of Health & Sport Science
  • Assisted with a Prospective Student event for Dietetics
  • Research assistant to Dr. Diana Cuy Castellanos
  • Peer Advisory Committee, Communications Subcommittee
  • Teaching assistants: HSS 295 (Nutrition and Health), HSS 305 L (Anatomy lab), HSS 307 (Physiology)

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Work experiences

  • Camp Hamwi Food Service Production
  • Corporate wellness intern, The Alpha Group (Cleveland, OH)
  • Crossfit (Centerville, OH)
  • Dietary Aide, Manor Care (Cleveland, OH)
  • Library Assistant (Curriculum Materials Center, UD School of Education and Health Sciences)
  • Miami Valley Hospital
  • Miami Valley Hospital Nutrition Associate
  • The Miami Valley School
  • Nursing home
  • Panera Bread
  • Price Hill Free Clinic (Cincinnati, OH)
  • Private cook for Marianist Brothers
  • Resident assistant
  • QF&SA Secret Shopper Program
  • Stuart's Landing
  • UD Campus Recreation (group fitness instructor)
  • UD Dining Services CBORD specialist
  • UD Kennedy Union dinning
  • UD Mailing Services

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Study abroad experiences

  • Guatemala trip with ETHOS (Engineers in Technical Humanitarian Opportunities of Service-Learning)

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Other experiences while at UD

  • Community Nutrition intervention at RTA market
  • Concert Band
  • Crohn's awareness fundraiser (Spring 2015)
  • Diabetes Dayton summer camp counselor
  • Dayton Food Bank
  • Flyer Pep Band
  • Food demos at RTA market
  • The Humane Society of Greater Dayton
  • Intern in UD athletic department with strength and conditioning coach (helping to build a more comprehensive strength and conditioning program with a heavier and more comprehensive focus on performance and sports nutrition)
  • International Festival
  • Pride of Dayton Marching Band
  • Relay for Life
  • Semester of Service (Summer 2016)
  • Sinclair SEEK Conference speaker
  • Work with Mark Thobe (UD Athletics Strength and Conditioning Coach) to provide our athletes nutrition education
  • Workout competitively at Centerville Crossfit (6 days a week)
  • United Rehabilitation Services

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Social & professional clubs dietetics students are involved in

  • Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Active Minds
  • Alphi Phi Omega
  • Club field hockey
  • Club volleyball
  • CPSDA (Collegiate & Professional Sports Dietitians Association)
  • Dayton Dietetic Association
  • ETHOS (Engineers in Technical Humanitarian Opportunities of Service-Learning)
  • Food Recovery Network
  • Healing Heart
  • National Society for Leadership and Success
  • Peer Advisory committee (Department of Health & Sport Science)
  • Power Women’s Fitness
  • Spectrum
  • Student Dietetic Association
  • Student Veterans Association
  • Studio Art Club
  • Sustainability Club
  • Vegetarian Club

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Why I chose UD

  • Because I had family going here.
  • The size, people, dietetics (intern) match (rate) percent, and the great experience I had after meeting Dr. Cuy.
  • I thought the dietetics program was very strong here, and I love the size and atmosphere of the school. I like recognizing faces as I walk around campus, while still being able to meet new people every day
  • I was looking for a new start.
  • Provided lots of scholarship money.
  • Close to some extended family.
  • The size, variety in curriculum (did not know what I wanted to study going in), friendly environment.
  • Great academics and community (friendly atmosphere).
  • I had seen UD for years when my oldest sister attend, and fell in love with the campus.
  • It is close to some of my family, I am able to go home if I need to, community, people hold open doors, I just fell in love with the campus and the atmosphere, great dietetics program.
  • Good dietetics program, out of state, scholarship opportunity.
  • Both my husband and I got accepted.
  • Near home.
  • Scholarships.
  • Catholic.
  • UD has a dietetics program, and I knew that was what I wanted to study.
  • I looked at five schools and applied to three. When I came to Dayton, I actually felt as though it was going to be more than a school, but also a home. I liked that the school valued community, and wanted more for their students than to just give them an education for their career. I had the impression that UD had values of service and a mission to make their students well-rounded, which are things that other schools did not even talk about. After my tour, I just knew that this was the right school for me.
  • UD is one of universities that has a reputation in my country, and their ranking in terms of natural and health sciences is very high.

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Why I chose dietetics/UD dietetics

  • It always interests me. Whenever I pick up a magazine, I read the health section and I find myself in this profession.
  • I wanted a major in science/healthcare and I enjoyed cooking. I also wanted to do something in counseling, and dietetics is a great combination of all of these.
  • I have always been interested in how our intake affects our performance, and I think many people need guidance in this field. There will always be false information out there, and I like the challenge of debunking certain myths and teaching people the reality of food science.
  • I have always enjoyed science, and focused on my diet and nutrition throughout my various sporting events.
  • I love food and helping people.
  • I am passionate about health/nutrition and helping others live healthy lives.
  • I always knew I wanted to study nutrition from the time I was in high school. I played sports my entire life so I was interested in studying something regarding overall health and wellness, and nutrition was something that I always felt passionate about. I couldn't imagine studying anything else.
  • I am just interested in how we fuel our bodies and helping those who struggle with weight or body image.
  • Having healthcare professionals in my family, and being exposed to the dietetics profession from my grandmother.
  • I chose the school without knowing specifics about the dietetics program but look back every day incredibly thankful and feeling lucky that I happen to have chosen one of the best programs.
  • My family has always been really interested in nutrition and food, and growing up in that environment and wanting to know the science behind food is why I initially chose the dietetic profession. I had also witnessed very dramatic health improvements in my family (and myself) after modifying diets, so I wanted to learn more about that as well. I chose UD dietetics because I when I visited UD and talked to Professor Dalton, she gave me a lot of examples of projects that I would be doing during my four years at UD and how those were going to prepare me for my internship. She also explained to me the very high match rate that UD students had for internships, which made me more confident that I would have a good education at UD.
  • My dream is to be oncologist, but because of things which is not in my hand, I decided to be a part of the oncology team as an oncology nutritionist.

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Why should a student choose UD over another university?

  • Community. You feel like you're one family and safe.
  • Dayton has a small program with a high (internship) match rate. The professors know everyone and, although the courses are challenging, it will prepare us well.
  • There are so many opportunities here within the dietetics department to expand your education and knowledge. The professors all really care about your success and make time to meet with you whenever they can.
  • It is very friendly and welcoming, and even though dietetics major is challenging, you definitely gain a lot of confidence in your knowledge and feel prepared for whatever challenge comes next.
  • Class sizes make it easy to get help from professors. Student neighborhoods make it easy to make lasting friendships. Students are passionate about sustainability and social justice.
  • UD really cares about each individual student and their success.
  • UD is dedicated to getting you where you want to go. Professor Dalton and Dr. Cuy are not just focused on your next four years, but also the future when you get ready to graduate and take on the next chapter. Everything we do is intended to prepare us for an internship.
  • Our program is so small that we really get specialized attention, and the professors truly care about us.
  • UD is a great place. Class sizes are small. I can’t really explain UD, you just have to experience it and fall in love.
  • The UD dietetics program offers challenging material and keeps classes up-to-date with current trends and topics.
  • It is the strongest sense of community outside of the Army that I have ever experienced. The professors and advisers genuinely care about your success and there are 101 role models from every field to learn life skills from, and how to perfect the skills for your professional life.
  • There isn't going to be other schools with professors that care as much as the professors at UD care. UD professors (and dietetics, especially) hold their students to high standards because they know that when we get into the field we will be incredibly prepared. UD also really has an incredibly sense of community and togetherness that you will not find at other schools. In a major that has a competitive post-graduate program, there is no competition in undergrad, and we are all trying to help each other out. Having such a small dietetics class is wonderful because we get to know each other really well and have a good majority of classes together, so you always have people to study with and help out when you need it.

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