About the Exercise Physiology program

The Exercise Physiology program at the University of Dayton incorporates a strong science curriculum to prepare you to become an expert of health and the human body. 

As you learn about the body’s responses, interactions and adaptations to exercise through asystematic and research-based experiences, you'll integrate coursework in body composition interactions, disease conditions, diet, environment and training —  and jumpstart your future in health and exercise sciences.

Upon graduation, you'll be prepared for professional or graduate school in the health science program of their choosing.

We aim to develop students who are capable of being leaders in their field and who embody the Marianist spirit of education including:

  • Educating the whole person through a learning community of challenge and support.
  • Connecting learning to leadership and service.
  • Collaborating for adaptation and change.

Note: Exercise physiology is one of the most competitive majors at the University. The minimum ACT composite for incoming first-year students is 27. The minimum grade point average for transfer students is 3.2, which must include adequate preparation in the sciences.

Program highlights

  • Comprehensive, yet flexible, curriculum that covers pre-requisite courses for multiple professional programs.
  • One-on-one faculty advisement for scheduling and professional growth.
  • First-year seminar course to introduce professions and process for obtaining experience.
  • Departmental support for and promotion of service opportunities on and off-campus.
  • Encouragement for scholarship in working with faculty and a capstone course requirement that includes a research project.

Program goals

We aim for students to achieve in the following areas:

  • Academic success: Coursework and standardized tests (e.g. GRE, MCAT, etc).
  • Professional experience: Shadowing and observation.
  • Community service: On- and off-campus.
  • Personal development and growth.

What can I do with this degree?

After receiving their bachelor's degree, our students can be found in a variety of graduate programs including:

  • Exercise Physiology (master’s and doctoral)
  • Kinesiology (master’s and doctoral)
  • Medicine (doctoral)
  • Nursing (master’s)
  • Pharmacy (doctoral)
  • Physician assistant (master’s)
  • Physical therapy (doctoral)

A smaller number of our students enter the workforce immediately upon graduation, often in conjunction with additional certifications and training. These students can typically be found working in:

  • Pharmaceutical sales
  • Cardiac rehabilitation
  • Strength and conditioning

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