Sport Management program overview

The Sport Management program prepares students for opportunities in sport, event, and facility management.

In particular, Sport Management professionals gain positions in collegiate and professional organizations, sport clubs, and athletic federations, as well as public and private recreation. Opportunities are also available in arenas and convention centers, event management, and all forms of media.

To prepare for the diverse responsibilities in the world of sport management, students take courses in both sport management and business. Through studies in sport management, students will gain an understanding of facilities, finance, human resource management, law, marketing, media and sales—and how they relate to sports.

Students in the Sport Management program will select a competency from a variety of disciplines, and minor in business administration.

To gain hands-on experiences and prepare for a successful career, students participate in two internships—one on-campus and one off-campus. These immersions are geared toward future goals in the sport management field.