Curriculum, Instruction and Professional Development (Licensure)

The Department of Educational Administration is committed to the preparation of scholar-practitioners who are dedicated to building learning communities through critical reflection. To this end, we offer a licensure program in curriculum, instruction and professional development.

A total of 45 semester hours is required to obtain the Curriculum, Instruction and Professional Development Licensure. Students may earn this licensure by completing the Master of Science in Education and Health Sciences Degree in Educational Leadership or its approved equivalent, plus 12 additional semester hours of coursework listed below. Beginning September 1, 2013, a new test series Ohio Assessments for Educators (OAE) test will replace the Praxis II Series as the required Ohio educator licensure test. Students applying for an initial administrative license must pass the OAE with a minimum score of 220. Please go online to for registration and testing information.

The Curriculum, Instruction and Professional Development license is a five-year license and requires two years' teaching experience.

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