Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Graduate Certificate

The graduate TESOL certificate program is for individuals who already hold a bachelor’s degree in any field. Both current University of Dayton graduate students and individuals not yet matriculated in a UD graduate program may apply.

This program prepares students to teach English as an additional language in post-secondary schools, adult education settings and private language institutes in the United States and abroad. It can also help pre- and in-service P-12 teachers gain competence in working with English language learners in their grade-level and content-area classrooms.

Please note that the certificate alone does not qualify a teacher for TESOL endorsement from the State of Ohio. Teachers interested in earning an endorsement should look into the UD TESOL endorsement program.

The TESOL certificate program includes courses in the departments of English, Global Languages and Cultures, and Teacher Education. As a student, you will analyze social, cultural, and psychological influences on second language learning, learn about the development of human language, explore the language as a system, study English grammatical structure, understand second language acquisition, and practice planning and teaching in an English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) classroom.

This program is housed in the School of Education and Health Sciences, whose educator preparation programs are accredited by the Council for Accreditation of Educator Preparation.

Our TESOL certificate is available either in a traditional classroom setting or as a fully online program. The online program is ideal for students unable to attend sessions on campus or students for whom self-paced learning is more desirable. For more information about our online TESOL certificate program, email us at tesol@udayton.edu.


  • Flexible options for completing the certificate: You can pick the pace and setting that is right for you. It is possible to complete the certificate in three semesters if you take two courses a term, or you can take one course at a time. You may also choose online classes or face-to-face courses on campus.
  • Combining theory and practice: In addition to learning academically, you will gain hands-on experience with teaching English Language Learners.
  • Career Opportunities: Teaching English outside of the U.S. is growing in importance, and employment opportunities exist in a variety of education and business settings. A TESOL certificate will give you the credential you need to live and work abroad. In addition, P-12 school districts are experiencing a shortage of teachers trained to work effectively with English  learners in content area and grade-level classrooms.

Required courses (15 credits)

  • ENG 594 Structure of English (3 credit hours), offered face-to-face during the fall & spring semesters; offered online during the summer Z term.
  • LNG 568/EDT 659 Introduction to Linguistics (3 credit hours), offered face-to-face during the spring semester; offered online during the summer Z term.
  • EDT 537 Second Language Learning and Teaching (3 credit hours), offered face-to-face during the fall semester & summer 1 term (hybrid); offered online during the fall semester.
  • ENG 541/EDT 566 TESOL Methods (3 credit hours), offered face-to-face during the spring semester; offered online during the spring semester.
  • EDT 538* TESOL Practicum (3 credit hours), offered face-to-face during the fall & spring semesters; offered online during the spring semester.

Note: This general schedule is subject to change due to enrollment or other needs. Check with your adviser each semester for any updates or additional offerings.

*Prerequisite of all other TESOL certificate courses or permission of instructor.

To learn more, visit our course catalog or the graduate checksheet.

Admission Requirements

Requirements for admission to UD’s graduate TESOL certificate program are as follows:

  • GPA: 2.75 or higher undergraduate GPA, OR successfully completed a prior master’s degree.
  • Test scores: If undergraduate GPA is below 2.75, one of following: MAT – raw score 40+/scaled score 396+; GRE scaled scores of 149+ (verbal) and 4.0+ (analytical writing).
  • Academic and professional background: Bachelor’s degree in any field; prior language study or experience in non-English speaking country strongly preferred; experience with international populations and education helpful.
  • English proficiency: Professional and academic proficiency in written English as demonstrated through application materials; additionally, if English is not a first language, prior degree from English-medium university OR minimum test scores as follows: TOEFL iBT – 94 (listening – 22, speaking – 26, reading – 22, writing – 24); IELTS – 7.0 (6.5+ for all subscores); exceptions considered for strong candidates whose scores approach these minimums

For help with the application system, please contact Gina Seiter, graduate adviser. 

What do I need to submit with my application?

New applicants who are not current or recent UD graduate students need to submit all of the items listed below. Current UD graduate students need only submit an electronic application, an updated statement of purpose, and test scores if applicable.

  • Official transcripts from all prior undergraduate and graduate studies.
  • One letter of recommendation from an employer, professor or another individual in a position to evaluate your professional and academic potential.
  • A statement of purpose that addresses your future goals and motivation for joining the program; your prior experience with language, international populations, education, and any other relevant areas
  • A résumé.
  • TOEFL iBT, IELTS, MAT or GRE scores, as needed.

Additional requirements apply for international students.

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Gainful Employment

As part of a new federal regulation focusing on Title IV programs, the University of Dayton is providing required information about how our non-degree programs lead to gainful employment in recognized careers. Download gainful employment information for the Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Certificate program.