Bachelor of Science in Education in Middle Childhood Education

*Please note: This program is available for students entering fall 2014 and earlier. Students entering fall 2015 and later should see the middle childhood/intervention specialist dual licensure program.

In the middle childhood education program, you will prepare to teach grades four through nine, (ages nine through 14), by focusing on the process of learning in the middle years of childhood. To prepare for your career, you'll specialize in two areas of concentration with options in mathematics, reading and language arts, science or social studies.

Program Overview

The middle childhood education program prepares you to be a highly qualified teacher. In addition to developing a comprehensive knowledge of middle childhood education, you will develop a personal and professional commitment to the teaching profession. To ensure you are prepared to be a leader in the classroom, you will participate in hands-on teaching and classroom observation experiences during all four years.

Middle childhood education courses cover many areas including educational psychology, classroom management, middle childhood principles and practices, human relations, general and specific methods for teaching, media aids and technology applications, multicultural education, teaching reading, professional ethics, and diagnosing and prescribing for effective teaching.

In order to be approved for student teaching and recommended for licensure, you must maintain a 2.5 grade point average overall, both in professional education courses and in your teaching field.

Admission Resources