St. Remy Initiative Begins Its Sixth Year

The St. Remy Initiative, which initially began as a three year program, is now in its sixth year. St. Remy brings together area Catholic school teachers and principals to develop knowledge and skills in the spiritual, academic, and managerial dimensions of their ministry. The program has evolved significantly since its inception in 2007 with 9 schools and 27 participants. This year there are 66 participants representing 19 schools, and there have also been additions to the Leadership Team structure. 

Prior to the 2012-2013 academic year, Dr. Toni Moore and Dr. Barry Heermann have led the five classroom sessions that make up framework of the yearly program.  This year, Fran Moore, a retired principal from St. Charles Borromeo School in Kettering, Ohio and Norm Rich, a religion teacher at Archbishop Alter High School, also in Kettering, will be taking a more active role by carrying some of the responsibilities previously accomplished by Toni and Barry.  More specifically, Fran will assume some of the professional development aspects of each class session and Norm has been entrusted to take over some of the spiritual formation duties from Heermann.  In addition, teachers Nancy Hankey, Joan Schindler and Chrissy Buscher, will be taking a more active role in guiding special projects throughout the year.  All of these new to the leadership team have been active participants in the early years of the Initiative.  The great success in leadership development, encouragement of collaboration among schools, team building within schools, and growth in the spiritual lives of St. Remy participants has prompted hope and planning for the expansion of this Initiative beyond Dayton and the more immediate surrounding region.   This change in the leadership structure provides an assessment for sustainability and replication.

When asked about this new opportunity, Fran said, “I wouldn’t have come out of retirement except for this program.  The beauty of it is that it hasn’t been a one shot deal and every year it continues to improve.  And the proof is in the joy you can see in the fabulous leaders within our Dayton area Catholic schools.”  Norm added, “St. Remy gives each of us a chance to be in solidarity with other Catholic schools and to collaborate with each other on how best to serve our students.  The St. Remy family learns together, prays together and laughs together.  It helps us became more holy people so that we can bring Christ into the lives of our students.”

The expanded Leadership Team structure provides an opportunity for more educators to actually share in setting the direction for St. Remy and in moving the program forward in the future.