What Is Your Dream?

This was the big question Matthew Kelly posed to members of the St. Remy Initiative and the Catholic Leadership Institute Project during their September 24 session.  Matthew Kelly is a best-selling author, motivational speaker, and business consultant from Sydney, Australia.  Throughout the day, Kelly encouraged and inspired the audience with questions from his book, The Dream Manager. His passionate and often humorous presentation kept everyone on the edge of their seat. Most of all, Kelly challenged the Catholic educators to become the very best version of themselves. 

Kelly presentingKelly led a “dream storming session” in which he asked the audience to imagine what they would do in their schools or even personally under two conditions:availability of unlimited funds and no fears of the future. Kelly challenged the leaders to think without limits and to dream of a future bigger than the past. As a result, participants were able to give voice to dreams for themselves and for Catholic education. One of those dreams will come alive this January when St. Remy is planning a retreat around the inspiring theme of “Dream Manager.”

Teachers and principals were grateful for the experience and the knowledge they gained. 

In the words of St. Helen School principal, Chrissy Buschur, “Matthew Kelly inspired me to reflect on the life I am living and how I can continue to improve in all aspects. He reminded me that life is about adding value, and to do this I must become the best person God has created me to be. This applies to all areas of my life. As a Catholic school principal, it is my hope that I can help my own staff, students and families become the best versions of themselves.” 

Jacki Loffer, principal of Our Lady of the Rosary school, noted, “Matthew Kelly’s discussion with principals was vital for us to move forward in the Dayton area.”

Many additional positive comments and conversations resulted from this dynamic presentation. Dreams were launched. Some were even fulfilled. We are looking forward to the remainder of this school year, and have high hopes that the dreams of all our leaders will soon be reached … and that we will never stop dreaming.

Ginger Evers, St. Remy Leadership Team