Teaching as Ministry

Praying, Sharing, Learning, and Fun!

Thirty-four educators from Marianist-sponsored schools gathered for a Teaching as Ministry (TAM) experience October 21–24, 2014 at Bergamo Center in Dayton, Ohio. George Lisjak, Director of Marianist Educational Studies and Partnerships, and Kathy Reese, a former teacher at Monsignor Hackett High School in Kalamazoo, Michigan, facilitated the experience.

TAM provides an opportunity for participants to network with other Marianist educators, share the good things that are happening at their schools, reflect on their own educational ministry, gain insight and perspective on the Characteristics of Marianist Education, and commit to making a positive impact on the Marianist character of their schools. The TAM experience includes time for individual reflection and writing, small group sharing, and large group activities. Communal prayer and faith sharing are important parts of TAM.

Teaching as Ministry, as the name implies, was originally developed for classroom teachers. However, since education in our schools is not limited to the formal curriculum delivered in the classroom, we have come to embrace a more inclusive definition of “teaching.” Administrators and other staff members, as well as classroom teachers, who are interested in a deeper understanding of the ministry of Marianist education at their schools, are invited to participate. This TAM experience included admissions, communications, and business office personnel, a principal, and teachers representing a variety of disciplines.

TAM is designed for participants to come away with a better understanding of the global scope of the Marianist enterprise, of the central role of Mary, and of their own role in the ministry of Marianist education.

One participant shared at the end of the October experience, “I feel energized to go back into the classroom, and I have a clearer understanding of my mission.”

TAM is offered by the Office of Sponsorship of the Marianist Province of the United States to member schools of the Marianist Education Consortium as part of our formation program. Fifteen of the eighteen schools member schools were represented in October. TAM has been offered to Marianist educators for over twenty years.

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Event photos

Photos from the Teaching as Ministry event at the Bergamo Center, provided by Julie Walling.