Family Engagement Collaborative Expands

The School Readiness Collaborative, a three-year initiative to address school readiness needs of children and families in the Old North Dayton neighborhood, has been well received. The Collaborative was launched in 2010, and has proven quite successful in accomplishing its initial goal: building community and strengthening relationships among families, teachers, administrators, university personnel and social agencies for the purposes of establishing ready communities, schools, and families. Funded by the Better Way Foundation since its inception, the work of the Collaborative has been so impressive that it was invited to apply for a new round of funding to continue making a positive impact on school readiness. The result was a new three-year grant awarded for the Ready Families, Ready Children Project which will provide funding from 2013-2015.

As the scope of the Collaborative has expanded, so has its name. Now the Family Engagement Collaborative of the Miami Valley, the program seeks ways to expand school readiness in the larger community. A joint effort between the University of Dayton’s Center for Catholic Education and Center for Early Learning, the Catholic Schools Office of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, and ReadySetSoar, Montgomery County's Kindergarten Readiness Initiative, this project is designed to increase family engagement in the kindergarten readiness process of children in the urban early childhood community and within urban Catholic and public school early childhood programs.

The Collaborative’s formula is:

Ready Families + Ready Community + Ready Schools = Ready Children

Please visit the Family Engagement Collaborative website to explore the goals of the Ready Families, Ready Children Project and the Protective Factors Framework for strengthening families, and to learn how to conduct a Family Café in your neighborhood.