Lalanne is blooming with activity

Image of Lalanne teacher with studentsBy Jacinta Mergler, Director of Lalanne

As we move from the cold winter months into spring, Lalanne is blooming with activity! I have always said that our teachers are the heart of the program. They continue to give their best each day to meet the needs of the students sitting before them. They draw their strength from God and from each other as they go home to their community houses, share a meal, discuss the day’s events and pray for the grace to do it again the next day!

Recently, our Cleveland community was featured in an article appearing in National Catholic Reporter. Gregg Brekke, reporter for Religious News Services, spent time with the Cleveland teachers listening to their stories as they all shared a meal at the community house. See the full article at >>

In addition to supporting our beginning teachers, we are in the process of interviewing teachers for the 15th cohort! That’s right, next year Lalanne will celebrate 15 years of service to Catholic Schools. We are planning a Lalanne reunion for early summer 2014! Brother Ed Brink, founding director of Lalanne, will join the festivities as the keynote speaker. Once interviews are completed and teaching positions offered, we will begin the task of preparing to have all the teachers on campus for Lalanne orientation and graduate classes. As I said, we are blooming with activity!

We continue to move forward to meet the goals of our strategic plan. We are working closely with the University of Dayton and the dioceses we serve to secure funding for these goals. We do good work. Our teachers are making a difference in the lives of the students they teach so I have no doubt that God, who sees all, will provide what we need when we need it.