Lalanne Braves Its Own March Madness

In Lalanne, we refer to this time of year as our own form of March Madness. From late February through May, we are busy inviting applicants to team interviews with principals on the University of Dayton campus. We then work with principals in six cities to fill teaching positions with the applicants we hope will become part of the Lalanne community. It sounds simple enough, but it is a journey that requires patience and trust in the process. Upon completion of interviews, applicants are informed of the process, and enter the spirit of the madness, waiting and willing to serve where they will be needed.

There are so many things that come into play when the game begins, and I am never quite sure what surprises and upsets there will be as the journey continues. Sometimes schools need more time to assess their needs. A few applicants will drop out to take another offer they have been given. We work around several spring break weeks to put applicants and principals in touch with each other. Getting the picture? It is almost impossible to set up brackets for Lalanne to see how the new communities will look and which schools we will be serving!

In my ten years with the program, this part of the process has never worked the same way twice. I am only sure of one thing: each year God seems to send what we need to continue the good work we do in forming young Catholic school teachers. I, along with everyone else, have to trust the process.

Each year the reward is realized when fall rolls around, and Peggy and I visit the Lalanne communities for the first time during the new school year. It is then that we see the fruits of our labor and God’s plan in action as we visit each teacher in his or her classroom and watch our six faith communities form. God is so good.

So, as anxious as it can get in the office, I welcome the madness each year because I trust in a God who knows better than I how to fill those brackets!

Upcoming Dates for Lalanne

  • June 17, 2014: Orientation and classes begin for Cohort 15.
  • June 21-22, 2014: The Lalanne Reunion kicks off a yearlong celebration of our 15th year as a post-graduate teacher-service program. Past and current teachers will be on campus together, along with founding director, Brother Ed Brink, SM.