Jumping in Head First

    image of lalanne studentI am a teacher. I am about to begin my third year as a teacher traveling down an exciting path that I was desperately trying to avoid. Working in a job I tried to avoid would lead most to question my happiness, yet I sit in excitement as the next school year rolls around. I am excited to see the students, faculty and staff. I am excited to wake up early, have a rushed lunch, finish school, stay at school to help students, coach at practice, get home late, stay up late grading and planning and all of the things that teachers do. It is exhausting, time consuming and underappreciated. But it is also what I now know I was called to do.

    Attending the University of Dayton for my undergraduate degree was a blessing. My plan was to not attend UD. My family had a long legacy at the school and my hope was to make a new path for myself. Yet in the end, it was the best fit. My family also is full of educators. I once again did not want to follow the same trajectory and wanted to find my own way. I began to work towards a degree in English. I love literature and an English degree could open countless possibilities upon graduation.

    As the years rolled by, I truly believe there was a plan for me as each summer I spent more and more time helping my parents at the school in which they worked. As I spent more time there, the more I began to come to the conclusion: I am a teacher. No matter how much I wanted to create a new path I just could not get away from the fact that when I was in a school interacting with students I felt at home.

    Lalanne afforded me the opportunity to become a teacher. Through this program I received my license and recently received my Master’s Degree. I was engaged in classes that explored diversity in students, new models of teaching and many valuable ideas for my profession. I received a support system of other teachers in my Dayton Lalanne community, my greater Lalanne community, my advisors, and the various Lalanne alumni I have come to know. Lalanne set me up with a fantastic school (Chaminade Julienne Catholic High School, a Marianist school in Dayton) that understands the program well, has supported me, and overall has made me a better educator and collaborator. This program has put my life on a fantastic trajectory that I hope will continue through year three. 

    Written by Summer 2015 Lalanne Graduate, Dan Eiser