Play Your Own Music

“If you don’t play your music, who will?” asks Michael Jones, pianist, composer, and leadership educator. Jones led a day filled with joyous music, spiritual reflection, and story-telling which filled the room with energy and passion. Participants were encouraged to move about the room throughout the day and engage in spirited conversations with new faces. “I really enjoyed the experience, and met so many new people who all had such interesting and inspiring stories!” remarked many Remyans.

Michael Jones has traveled around the world playing music and sharing his stories and experiences. The main theme of this day revolved around the idea of “Playing your own music”, a theme that encouraged St. Remyans to reflect on the ways in which they express their creativity and strengths through interactions with others, both professionally and personally. Jones played original songs on the piano throughout the day. The compositions related to stories he told or ideas for the educators to reflect upon. All participants were given journals at the beginning of the day and were encouraged to record their reflections and thoughts.

The reactions of the St. Remy educators say it best:

“I really appreciated the reflection times we were given throughout the day. I find myself going back to that journal to continue writing my thoughts and inspirations.”

“The idea of ‘playing our own music’ is so important as educators. I will listen to Jones’ music and reflect upon this experience throughout the year”

“I found the day very inspiring. The experience really took me out of my comfort zone, and showed me how to look at things through a different lens.”

“This day was a gift. It was the best retreat- to get lost in music and thoughts.”

“I focused on his hands. It was like poetry.”

“Brought the perspective that I need to slow down and do only what I can.”

“As educators we are finding out about the music in each of our students and staff.”

“I have new music in my life!” – Andy Barczak