Catholic Education Conversation

image of cce logoThe purpose of our blog, Catholic Education Conversation, “is not simply to be a source of information, but to be something that starts conversations, to be a place for deep reflection and inspiration, and to be a channel of support and passion for the topics in Catholic education that are changing the world,” Victoria Schoen, CCE blog creator, explains.

As we approach our one year "blogoversary", the following is a synopsis of some of its posts:

  • A blog series about our Lalanne teachers. They have each made a two-year commitment to teach in Catholic grade schools or high schools, live together in a faith-based community, and pursue professional and spiritual/personal development.
  • A blog series introducing our staff at the Center for Catholic Education.
  • A summary and reflection on the 2015 Catholic Education Summit and its topics.
  • Personal reflections on spiritual growth, such as finding God in the everyday.
  • Educational topics such as educating the whole person and educators as guides in discernment.
  • An invitation to be a hero – like our Mother Mary.

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