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Lalanne application

Thank you for your interest in the Lalanne program at the University of Dayton.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, however, if you would like to be considered for the March interviews with our principal team (on campus or virtually), your application must be submitted by January 31.

Note: This online application will need to be completed all at once or the completed information will be lost, so please take the time to look through each step so that you can gather the necessary information. Once you have this information, complete each of the steps and click submit. 

In addition, please email a picture of yourself and an unofficial copy of your transcripts to

Essay questions

In order for the application team to get to know you, we ask that you answer each of the three questions below in one- to two-page essays. Email your completed essays, with your name in the subject line, to:

  1. Why do you want to be a Catholic School teacher, and especially a Catholic School teacher in an under-resourced school?
  2. What is your understanding of living in a faith-based community? Describe a conflict situation with someone, other than family, in which you were involved and what you learned from the way you handled it.
  3. Describe faith experiences you have had (e.g. prayer, retreats, religion, spiritual development). Share where you are in your relationship with God and how participating in Lalanne can enrich your relationship.

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Extracurricular activities (including volunteer work or community activities)

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Letters of Recommendation

In order to get to know you further, we rely on the recommendations of a peer, a professor, a supervisor, and your cooperating teacher. When you contact your recommenders, please tell them to anticipate an e-mail from This e-mail will contain a form for them to complete and return online. 


Contact information for a peer that you lived with (not family) for at least six weeks or longer (preferred) who can tell us what you are like to live with. 

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Contact information for an instructor from a current or recent (within junior or senior year) education course. 

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Contact information for a supervisor who can speak to your ability to be responsible, reliable, punctual, etc. (work, volunteer coordinator, coach, etc.)

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Cooperating Teacher RECOMMENDER

Contact information for a cooperating teacher.

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