Indianapolis community

The first Lalanne cohort to serve the Archdiocese of Indianapolis began teaching in 2002. At that time, Superintendent of Schools Mickey Lentz asked Lalanne to concentrate on service to several urban grade schools and two high schools. Shortly after, the 6 grade schools formed a Consortium, now known as The Mother Theodora Catholic Academies. We continue to serve in some of these schools and have added two additional grade school locations to the list.

The Lalanne Director works with the Archdiocese to determine new schools our teachers could possibly serve in. Rob Rash, Assistant Superintendent, is our contact in the Office of Catholic Education. He also serves on the Lalanne Advisory Board.

The Lalanne Indianapolis community house is a large residence owned by the Archdiocese on the grounds of St. Elizabeth Coleman Pregnancy and Adoption Services. Lalanne teachers share this residence with a group from Notre Dame.

Who We Serve

Lalanne teachers in the 20xx-xx Cohort are serving in xxxxx elementary school and xxxxx high school in the Archdiocese of Indianapolis.