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Application process

Do I have to apply to Lalanne directly out of college? No. We welcome applications from teachers who have been out of college even 3-4 years! Some have been participating in post-graduation service opportunities, while others are already teaching and have just discovered Lalanne. Note: All applicants must be eligible to live in community with other non-married Catholic school teachers for 2 years.

Does my Lalanne application count for my graduate school application? No. You must still apply to the University of Dayton graduate school; however, you do not need additional letters of recommendation. When completing the graduate school application and writing your personal statement, indicate immediately in your statement that you are applying to Lalanne and they then know that we will share your letters of recommendation and your transcript with them.

Do I have to take the GRE? If your GPA is 2.76 or above, you do not need to take the GRE's for acceptance into UD's Teacher Education Graduate School. 

When is the application due? Applications are accepted any time. The timing of your application determines the academic year you will be considered for. More information (and a link to the application) are available here.

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Program information

Why is the program called Lalanne? It's named for Father Jean Baptiste Lalanne (born in the mid 1700s), who was one of the original seven members of the Society of Mary (Marianists). Lalanne was a noted educator whose success derived in large measure from his devotion to education as both a ministry and a profession, to his great love of children, and to his sympathetic understanding of children's problems. His career as an educator spanned more than 60 years. Next to Fr. Chaminade, no one played a more important role in establishing and developing the Marianist education tradition than Father Jean Baptiste Lalanne. The University of Dayton was founded by the Marianists in 1850.

Who are the Marianists? The Marianist family is made of Catholic brothers, priests, sisters and committed lay people around the world. All Marianists look to Mary, the mother of Jesus, as the model of discipleship. They share in her mission of bringing the message of Jesus to the world. Click here to learn more (infographic) >>

What cities does Lalanne serve in? Learn more about the communities our teachers serve >>

Do I get to choose which city I serve in? As a service program, we ask that you stay open to your placement possibilities. The staff weighs your grade level/subject preference with the community needs (e.g. the community house holds 5 people and we have 3 teachers returning for a second year, we can only place 2 teachers in that city even though there are more than two positions available.)

What is the timeline of the program? Explore the program timeline here >>

When do I take graduate classes? Our teachers come to campus the middle of June to live and learn with their new community members. Lalanne Summer lasts until the end of July and is filled with all sorts of community activities, along with taking graduate classes. Summer room and board are paid for.

Which graduate program do I select? Please contact us >>

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Life after Lalanne

Will I be able to find a job once I graduate from Lalanne? Our teachers find that they have very little difficulty finding a position after graduation. We've had more than 190 graduates since Lalanne began with the 1999-2000 school year: 89% are still in education, and 83% of those serve in Catholic schools.

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