Teachers in Dayton, Ohio, have found a way to ignite passion and hope for the mission of Catholic schools, and professionally energize and spiritually enlighten teachers through the Saint Remy Initiative. The St. Remy model provides a simple — yet powerful — way to create a spiritual and professional community in which Catholic school educators thrive.

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Continuing Education Credits

Participants in the Saint Remy Initiative may earn Continuing Education Credits. CEUs are based on the number of contact hours taken for a course. CEUs cannot be applied toward a degree program. Earned CEUs may be useful in maintaining certification or licensure. They may also be useful in documenting continuation of professional education for an employer.

Saint Remy participants have the opportunity to earn up to 6 CEUs each year. CEUs may be earned through attending the Pilgrimage/retreat, Saint Remy class/cohort days, and individual school meetings.

Program components

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During the course of 2.5 days, participants will travel to Ohio and surrounding destinations that represent the rich cultural heritage of Catholic schools in our area. Participants will visit the Cathedral in Cincinnati as well as convents, shrines and monasteries. In addition, participants will spend time in prayerful reflection and spiritual centering.

Participants attend 4.5 days of class/instruction on Leadership in the Catholic School. The curriculum consists of a three-year cycle that focuses on spiritual leadership, managerial leadership and education leadership. 

  • School Cohorts: Participants will also have the opportunity to meet in teams and to share their projects with one another. Written summaries of projects will be compiled and shared with all participants.
  • Learning Teams:  Part of each class day includes contemplative prayer. Participants will also engage in activities related to the saints and their influence on Catholic schools.
  • Spirit Groups: Participants will be able to choose from a menu of several different activities as part of each class day.  
  • Self-Organizing Project Groups: Participants may choose from a variety of groups that help plan St. Remy activities.

One to two times per month, teams will plan and carry out project work at their school sites.

At the end of the Saint Remy program year (spring), participants will be surveyed to determine whether the project has had an influence on their attitudes in the areas of commitment, satisfaction and sense of efficacy in their roles as Catholic school educators. Such surveys will be conducted annually.


Saint Remy Initiative

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