Reconnecting with Kids through the 5 I’s of Accomplished Teaching

image of bombeck institute brochureThe University of Dayton’s Center for Early Learning offers online training opportunities for educators to achieve professional development goals. Coordinated by Mrs. Michelle Donley, these training sessions are offered online year round.

The professional development series is called the 5 I’s of Accomplished Teaching and include the following training sessions: The 5I’s OverviewIntentional TeachingIntegrated InstructionInquiryInnovation and Inclusion. Each training session is Step Up to Quality approved for 10 hours of professional development.  Five hours are completed using a computer and the remaining five hours require participants to embed new concepts in their early childhood work environment and participate in online reflections with their peers and the training facilitator.

At a time when teacher evaluation is a focus, the 5 I’s of Accomplished Teaching provides focused, job-embedded and interactive professional development that meets the needs of early childhood professionals.  This series is becoming more popular with a 115% increase in the number of participants who have chosen this online format.

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