RLC Benziger Leadership Team comes to the Bombeck Center

image of rcl logoWe were extremely honored to have the leadership team from the Catholic education publishing company RCL Benziger visit the Bombeck Center.  This visit was intended to explore future opportunities for partnership and was built on the long-standing relationship between RCL Benziger established by Dr. Shauna Adams, Joy Comingore, Dr. Joni Baldwin, Susan Ferguson and Beth Engelhardt when they developed the Stories of God’s Love faith formation series.  This visit grew out of an interest in the University of Dayton’s leadership in Catholic early childhood education and a common goal to promote developmentally appropriate faith formation for preschoolers and kindergarteners.

image of child baptizing her dollOne highlight of the visit was the opportunity to observe the Bombeck Center’s catechist, Debbie Poppaw, use the Stories of God’s Love series with a group of preschoolers. Debbie’s creativity and knowledge of young children inspired the visitors and it was a rewarding experience for all involved.  After the lesson, the
executives spent an additional 45 minutes with Debbie to further discuss the strategies she used while teaching the lesson.  It was a nice springboard for our continued collaboration and relationship with RCL Benziger.

One of the children’s favorite activities is revisiting what they learned about Baptism through dramatic play. The photo to the left depicts a child baptizing her doll.