The Role of Interns in the Family Engagement Collaborative

The Family Engagement Collaborative offers the help of University of Dayton early childhood interns to work with schools, organizations and agencies on projects that promote family engagement. Interns use the Family Engagement Self-Evaluation Tool, developed by the Family Engagement Collaborative, to engage in the continuous improvement process to evaluate current performance levels for each principle and set goals for the future.

image of child at dad's dayBelow is a list of interns who worked with the following Miami Valley schools, agencies and organizations to support families by completing family engagement internships.

  • Family Café at the Bombeck Center by interns Courtney Ryan and Megan Caudill
  • Preschool Fair at Rosa Parks Early Learning Center by interns Bailey Dahlinhaus, Anne Lesha and Jacqueline Schmidt
  • Fatherhood Engagement at Cleveland Pre K-6 Neighborhood School Center by interns Allie Roberts and Abby Miller
  • Family Café at Miami Valley Family Care Center by interns Chloe Hollinden and Taylor Lorentzen
  • Parent Education Event with UCDRC at Immaculate Conception by interns Shannon Hogan, Maura McKenna and Kaitlin Kownick
  • Homework Diner at Edison Pre K- 8 Neighborhood School Center by interns Kate Allen, Katie Burnside and Julia Crowcroft
  • Holidays around the World at East End Community Services by interns Claire Alexa, Alexa Lombardi and Molly Mackenzie
  • Not a Single Drop Event at Dayton/Montgomery Public Health by interns Anna Parks, Hannah Abbruzzese and Maggie Doslak
  • Fatherhood Support at MCJFS by interns Kelly Phillips, Caroline English and Caitlin O’Connell
  • Advent Family Night at Our Lady of the Rosary by interns Erin Albright, Ellie Backer and Jenny Giltner
  • Family Café at Bombeck Center by interns Megan Roesch, Kristin Schmidt and Kejia Li
  • Math & Literacy Night at St Brigid by interns Allyssa Tyree, Rachel Jutte, Heather Mercs and Nora Brady
  • Fall Family Fun Night at Edison Neighborhood School Center by interns Lisa Karlovitz, Rachel Katula and Kimberly Bogner
  • Building Community Resource Binders at 4C Miami Valley by interns Claire Quinn, ME Labrie, Madeline Leiter and Rachel Schuler
  • Positive Behavior Intervention Support with the State Support Team by interns Annie Schmig, Mariana Martin, Yolanda Gavillan and Kara Jankowski
  • Family Engagement Nights at Trotwood Madison by interns Kathryn Dahlhausen, Katie Odell and Emily Knudson
  • Families Learning Together at Rosa Parks by interns Katie Mahoney, Emily Benke and Alex Migely