Bombeck Family Learning Center parent, staff, and practicum student handbook


What we believe

The Characteristics of a Marianist University

Marianist universities educate for service, justice and peace

The Marianist approach to higher education is deeply committed to the common good. The intellectual life itself is undertaken as a form of service in the interest of justice and peace, and the university curriculum is designed to connect the classroom with the wider world.  In addition, Marianist universities extend a special concern for the poor and marginalized and promote the dignity, rights and responsibilities of all peoples.

As part of the University of Dayton (a Catholic, Marianist university), we readily adapt and change with the times. We build communities of faith and educate in what we call a "family spirit." We provide an integral, high-quality education on a campus that's known for its hospitality and inclusiveness.

Bombeck Family Learning Center commitment to community

Three foundational elements represent who we are and define how we interact.

  • Respect: We are a community of learners in an environment of respect for children, families, staff, early childhood faculty and students.
  • Reflective practice: Quality care and education requires intentional reflection of the people, policies, and practice that takes place.
  • Research: We base our practice on a sound understanding of the literature of field.