ECLA Program coursework & credits

Early Childhood Leadership coursework

21 semester hours

  • EDT 460E: Early Childhood Program and Personnel Management with lab*
  • EDT 461E: Supporting Quality Curriculum and Instruction in Early Care and Education
  • EDT 462E: Regulations, Licensing and the Law in Early Care and Education with lab*
  • EDT 463E: Managing Finances and Marketing in Early Care and Education with lab*
  • EDT 464E: Advocacy in Early Care and Education
  • EDT 465E: Internship and Seminar in Early Childhood Leadership and Advocacy

*Most labs can be completed in the student's work environment as long as leadership opportunities are available. 

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Department coursework

9 semester hours

  • EDT 305: Philosophy and  History of Education
  • EDT 340: Educating  Diverse Learners in Inclusive Settings with lab**
  • EDT 344: Collaborating with Families, Professionals and Agencies

**EDT 340 lab requires students be able to work directly with children for 20 hours during the course of the term.

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Workshop credits

12 semester hours

To earn 1 workshop credit, submit certificates of attendance for approved* workshops, totaling 15 contact hours, with your completed registration form to:

Workshop Credit Coordinator
Bombeck Family Learning Center
University of Dayton
941 Alberta Street
Dayton, OH 45409

Workshop credit is University of Dayton transcripted credit. The cost is 25% of the undergraduate tuition rate. Professional development trainings eligible for workshop credit are state approved, county sponsored, Head Start sponsored, NAEYC or affiliate sponsored and others, depending on the approval of the program advisor.

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General education requirements

16 semester hours

The University of Dayton is committed to educating the whole person, which means a rigorous liberal arts program is required. This coursework typically exceeds what is required in most associate's degree programs. Typically, students need to take 16 additional semester hours from an institution in your area. Most of this additional general education coursework can be taken at a two-year degree granting college. However, 9 semester hours must be taken from a four-year institution.

The required general education coursework comprises:

  • western civilization
  • physical science
  • life science
  • introduction to philosophy
  • introduction to religion
  • college composition I
  • college composition II
  • introduction to communication
  • contemporary mathematics
  • upper-level historical study
  • upper-level art study
  • upper-level religion or philosophy study
  • upper-level social science
  • other elective coursework

Altogether, the general education semester hours, when combined with your associate's degree credits, should equal at least 76 semester hours.

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Total credits

This program is designed to be lean, which means transferring credits that apply to the degree is easy.

Here is how the B.S.E. in Early Childhood Leadership & Advocacy stacks up:

  • 16: Semester hours of additional general education coursework (9 semester hours from a four-year institution).
  • 45: Semester hours in Early Childhood Leadership and Advocacy from the University of Dayton (including 12 semester hours of reduced rate workshop credit).
  • 60: Semester hours from your associate's degree program (from anywhere in the country).

Total semester hours required for graduation = 121

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Note: The ECLA program does not lead to a teaching license or certificate. It recognizes that many professional in the field of early care and education either have a Pre-K credential or do not need a teaching credential to do their job effectively. Student teaching is not required, so it is not necessary to take a leave from work to complete student teaching.

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