ECLA sample program timelines

Sample undergraduate timeline

Based on a student who enters the program with an associate's degree, has completed the general education requirements, and attends part-time:

First year
  • Summer: EDT 461E, Workshop credit
  • Fall: EDT 460E and lab, EDT 340 and lab, Workshop credit
  • Spring: EDT 462E and lab, Workshop credit
Second year
  • Summer: EDT 463E and lab, EDT 344
  • Fall: EDT 464E and lab, Workshop credit
  • Spring: EDT 465E, EDT 305

Sample graduate timeline

Based on a student who plans to attend part-time for two years, plus one additional summer:

First year
  • Summer: EDT 561
  • Fall: EDT 560E or EDT 573
  • Spring: EDT 502 and EDT 562E or EDT 500
Second year
  • Summer: EDT 505 and EDT 563E or EDT 510
  • Fall: EDA 509 and EDT 500 or EDT 564E
  • Spring: EDT 660, EDA 556
Third year
  • Summer: EDT 565E, EDT 667

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