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Faculty/Staff Amazon Orders through the Curriculum Materials Center (CMC)

This program allows the Curriculum Materials Center to serve as a central location for School of Education and Health Sciences faculty and staff to purchase materials for instructional use. Items may be picked up at the CMC, or free off-campus shipping is provided through the CMC Amazon Prime membership.

Please adhere to the following guidelines when using this service:

  • This service is only extended to UD-SEHS faculty or staff members.
  • A fund number and account number must be included in all purchase requests (for example: 12345-7800).
  • All orders must be sold/fulfilled by The purchase of used and/or Amazon Marketplace items is not allowed.
  • All requests are subject to chair/supervisor approval
  • Because of billing schedules, no orders can be accepted in the last week of the month
  • Rush orders cannot always be accommodated (see above).

Questions? Contact Sue Steinke ( or Melissa Schoenhofer ( or call the CMC at (937) 229-3140.

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