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Services & Policies

Student services

Students using the CMC can find everything from children's and young adult literature to teaching aids and OAE study guides. Resources available to students also include die cut machines and Swivl robot devices. For a complete list of student services, click the "learn more" link below.

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Faculty & Staff services

SEHS faculty and staff have access to all of the student services at the CMC, plus additional perks like extended loan periods, faculty reserves, and the ability to request materials not currently in the CMC's collection. For a complete list of faculty and staff services, click the "learn more" link below.

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Enrichment resources available online

The University of Dayton has partnered with to offer online access to enrichment resources for books used in PreK through 12th grade. Type in a book's title to discover lists of resources gathered from around the web, including author websites, book guides, lesson plans, apps, activities and more.

CMC policies

The CMC uses the same fines & fees policy as the University of Dayton Libraries:


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