Dublin Campus frequently asked questions

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Program information

What is the cost of graduate tuition at UD?: The cost of graduate coursework in the School of Education and Health Sciences is comparable with that of public institutions. For cost per credit hour, see Tuition and Billing information.

Is financial aid available?: Financial aid may be available to graduate students at the Dublin Campus. Visit Flyer Student Services for more information.

Are graduate assistantships available?: A limited number of graduate assistantships are available to graduate students. For more information about GA's click here.

What are the admission requirements for each program?: Admission requirements for each program offered at Dublin Campus is available on our Apply page.

Are the programs accredited?: Yes. All programs offered at the Dublin Campus are accredited. For more information, visit the School of Education and Health Sciences Accreditation Office.

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General campus information

Where do I get my University ID?: Visit the Campus Card Services website and follow the “Getting Your FlyerCard” instructions. You will need a FlyerCard to access various UD buildings. When requesting your FlyerCard, please specify that you are a Dublin Campus student. 

Where can I park? Do I need a parking permit?: Parking information is available here.

How do I get access to the building?: You may need to use your current University of Dayton ID throughout the building, but the entry doors automatically unlock at 3:30 p.m. Your FlyerCard will be activated remotely prior to your first class in the building.

Where do I enter the building?: The University of Dayton Dublin campus has its own entrance on the north side of the building. The doors are secure access doors and will be automatically unlocked at 3:30 p.m. Faculty and staff have 24-hour access.

Is there a lounge area and access to food and beverage?: There is a student lounge area immediately to your left upon entrance to the UD space. On the far end of the lounge area you will find vending machines. In addition, the UD Dublin campus is in close proximity to commercial restaurants and fast food outlets.

Is wireless Internet access available?: Yes, wireless Internet access is available in the classroom and lounge areas. The password is “D@yt0n118”

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Graduation information

What is the process for graduation as a Dublin Campus student?: The process for graduation is no different for Dublin Campus students than for Main Campus students. You are still welcome (and encouraged!) to participate in commencement on the Dayton campus. You will apply to graduate on the Flyers First tab on your Porches account. To order your cap and gown, visit the UD Bookstore website.

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