For All School of Education & Health Sciences Students

All teacher education students seeking initial licensure are required to have both the BCI&I and the FBI background checks completed regardless of how many years they have lived in Ohio. Any student that is participating in a P-12 field placement (of any length or purpose) must complete a background check, prior to entering the field site.

To help guide the safety for everyone, the initial screening of background check results are based on criteria set forth by Ohio Department of Education (ODE).

Where and When to Get Background Checks

School of Education & Health Sciences students can complete BCI&I and FBI background checks via the WebCheck background check system  in the OFFICE OF PUBLIC SAFETY located on the first floor of College Park Center.

WebCheck background checks are conducted Monday through Friday. 

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What to Know Before Processing

  • BCI&I: Request code 3319.39B3
  • FBI: Request code 3319.39
  • Only these codes will be accepted.
  • Request that a copy be sent to ODE.
  • For first-time processing, allow 8 weeks prior to placement.
  • Repeat processing will take 2–4 weeks without an arrest record, 6–8 weeks with an arrest record (even if expunged or occurred as a juvenile). 

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What to Bring

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  • Undergraduate Teacher Education students: No charge for the 2014-15 academic year. Students must be enrolled in a course with a lab at the time of fingerprinting. 
  • Graduate School of Education & Health Sciences students: $55.00 paid to Bursar’s Office. Receipt must be provided to Public Safety at the time of fingerprinting.  

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Background Check Results

The results are returned directly to the Educational Field Office. Results are typically received within a week; however, convictions and guilty pleas may necessitate additional checks, and it could take one to two months to receive the results. Students may obtain one copy of their background checks from the Educational Field Office by showing proof of identification.

Background checks are only good for one year from the date of issue; therefore, you will need a new background check every year that you are doing field placements.  

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What Else Do I Need to Know?

  • Any conviction of an offense found on the screening tool lists, according to ODJFS and ODE’s Standard for Licensure, will result in the student’s inability to be placed in field sites.
  • Any arrest (without conviction) of an offense on the screening tool list will be up to the discretion of the UD Educational Field Office and field site to determine eligibility. 

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Criminal Background

Students who have been convicted of a crime should see the information supplied by The Ohio Department of Education Standards for Licensure (pdf) >>