Interested in training and other support?

Learning Teaching Center
The Learning Teaching Center (LTC) offers a variety of student, faculty and staff training and learning tools, including IT training in supported software platforms. It also the home of the Write Place, providing services to help enhance writing competency across disciplines.

HR Training
Human Resources provides regular training opportunities in university-specific policies and procedures as well as skills training for administrative support positions and general topics of interest.

UDit Information Technologies
UDit provides general technological and accounts support campus-wide.

Student Computer Requirements
Not sure you have what you need? Review the student computer requirements.

University Tech Shop
The UD Tech Shop stops the latest in software and hardware technology needs for students.

Atomic Learning
Atomic Learning offers an array of online training and tutorial options, ranging from various software platforms to iPhones to curriculum planning.

Safari Books
Safari Books gives access to the latest in print tutorials and software guides.