Experiential Learning at the University of Dayton


The Office of Experiential Learning

Mission and Vision:

The Office of Experiential Learning (OEL) supports and promotes innovative, high-impact experiential learning (EL) across the University of Dayton (UD).  Committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion, OEL believes that all students at UD should have access to experiential learning as part of their UD Marianist education for the whole person- mind, hands, and heart.

Through collaboration with EL practitioners and educators at UD, OEL fosters mindfulness and intentionality around EL and its transformative potential for students. OEL supports faculty and staff as they help students articulate and synthesize the lessons they have learned through hands-on, applied learning, and they ways they will make use of this experiential knowledge to make an impact in the world.

OEL Goals:
  • Develop and support faculty, staff, and student communities of practice around our common mission and vision for experiential learning
  • Assist in the coordination, implementation, and communication of EL efforts at UD
  • Ensure diversity, equity, and inclusion for EL, so that students of all backgrounds and identities have the opportunity to engage in rich EL opportunities
  • Support student success- personally, academically, professionally, and vocationally- by increasing student engagement with quality EL
  • Provide models and resources for EL best-practices, including EL assessment, reflection, mentorship, and advising
  • Support student-driven learning and student-centered design of EL by listening to student voices and perspectives

Meet the Team

Karen Velasquez

Director of Experiential Learning

Karen Velasquez is the University of Dayton's first Director of Experiential Learning. She holds a Ph.D. in Anthropology and Education and a M.Ed in International Education Development from Columbia University, Teachers College in New York City. Karen is interested in how people learn through experience in diverse social contexts, and her work highlights the transformative impact of experiential learning on students lives. At UD she collaborates with faculty and staff who integrate innovative experiential pedagogies in their courses and programs, and she showcases students reflections on experiential learning through digital storytelling in her Experiential Learning Lab workshop. She is originally a Queens, New York City native of Colombian descent.

photo of Allyson Pacifico

Allyson Pacifico

Research and Development Specialist

Allyson Pacifico is a senior majoring in Applied Math Economics and minoring in Computer Science and Communications. As the Experiential Learning Research and Development Specialist, she aims to expand the experiential learning inventory through compiling resources for students and faculty such as scholarly articles or data analysis. 

Christopher Miller

Program Coordinator and Peer Advisor

Chris Miller is from Lorain, Ohio, which is about thirty minutes west of Cleveland. He majors in communication with a concentration in journalism, and a minor in music technology. As a Program Coordinator and Peer Advisor, he facilitates monthly peer advising workshops and helps with student spotlights for the Experiential Learning Lab.

Sophia Williamson

Marketing and Media Producer

Sophia Williamson is a senior majoring in Public Relations. As a Marketing and Media Producer, she films, edits, and creates video content for the Office of Experiential Learning. In addition, she photographs and covers EL events on and off campus. At the University of Dayton, she is also the president of the Social Justice LLC and works to lead, develop, and implement tactics to bring opportunity and equality to PreK-8 students in the Dayton area.

Dylan Narkon

Project Assistant

Dylan Narkon is from Richmond, Virginia. He is a first-year student majoring in Accounting and International Business Management with a concentration in Global Markets. As the Project Assistant for the Office of Experiential Learning, he maintains a database of EL opportunities on campus and assists the Peer Adviser and Program Coordinator, Digital Media Producer, and Research and Development Specialist with various projects.

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