Lexi Babovac

“The realizations I have made since the beginning of my experiential learning activity are impacting how I view education and life at Dayton and beyond.” image of lexi babovac

Experiential learning is always sure to provide a lesson, even if a specific experience doesn't’t live up to your expectations. Whether good or bad, the value gained from that experience will give you the proper tools to develop yourself and succeed in the future. Lexi Babovac learned this lesson early in her college career at Rutgers University through joining her university swimming team. She enjoyed her time swimming, but felt like it was too time consuming for her to get involved in other activities she was interested in.

Lexi attended Rutgers University in her first semester of her freshman year. The unfavorable feel of the college mixed with her lack of time to explore the community compelled her to make a transition to a different university where she could have a second chance to take control of her learning.

“My prior experience at Rutgers University has enhanced my experience so far at the University of Dayton,” Lexi commented. “I am now more aware of what I want to do in life and who I want to be.”

Vocational awareness is an understanding that progressively grows as you engage in experiential learning activities. Figuring out your path in life can be difficult, but you can enhance your chances by getting involved in different learning endeavors. Discovering new perspectives leads to the acquisition practical wisdom, which leads to the ability to make a positive impact on the community.

Lexi became aware of this as she got involved in refugee tutoring. Tutoring is a noble deed that functions as a mutual symbiotic relationship between both parties at hand. The person tutoring is engaging in leadership development by spreading certain knowledge to people who do not have it. The person being tutored is of course gaining these knowledge in a collaborative way that will guide their development.  

“For those reasons, I immediately got involved with tutoring refugees from Congolese, Africa who recently came into the United States with no knowledge of the English language,” Lexi said. “The realizations I have made since the beginning of my experiential learning activity are impacting how I view education and life at Dayton and beyond.” Even as a young adult, Lexi is aware of the powerful connection between experiences. She will be studying abroad in Spain this upcoming fall semester and will be using the tools she gained from tutoring to propel her holistic growth as a scholar.

“My aspiration is that by helping the kids and families I tutor achieve their goals, they will help me achieve mine of being able to adapt to any situation or culture, as well as working on my personal development,” lexis shared.

Lexi noted that her “purpose is to leave the world a better place than [she] found it.” Making a unique impact on the world for the common good is a big reason to participate in experiential learning. Experiential learning activities are not complete without the goal of finding a passion that supports the common good.  


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