Suh Ndenge Che

Suh came to America as someone who needed help learning the new culture. Now he is the one helping people.

Suh HeadshotIntegration is an important aspect of experiential learning due to its holistic nature. When I say integration I am referring to the combination of concepts such as hands-on educational experiences and self-guided exploration. Combining concepts like those, and many more, allows people to see the world from different perspectives. This can lead to the impactful discovery of personal capabilities. You can only find something new inside of yourself until you have found something different outside of yourself.

Suh Ndenge Che had a tough time integrating himself with the American culture that deviated from his roots in Cameroon. The amalgamation of two different cultures can be a tough thing because what is normal in one region may not be normal in the next. One’s world can be turned upside down when the easiest things in life are being challenged. Language barriers, social norms, and professional conduct are all things that vary from culture to culture. Thanks to Suh’s grit, the integration of two cultures turned out to be a positive thing for him.   

Suh said many of the things that seemed simple to Americans were challenging to him. When he got a job as a dining services attendant, his will to learn and grow would be tested. The job required good communication skills as well as knowledge on how people think in general.

“Some might consider it as simply serving food but it is more difficult than it looks,” Suh said. “I had to cheer up sad customers with a joke or the occasional chit-chat.”

Suh came to America as someone who needed help learning the new culture. Now he is the one helping people in more ways than just food service.

“I memorize customer orders and have their food ready for them before they arrive at my counter. I look at it as a way of relieving the stress from these individuals. A lot of the students and faculty that come in feel tired and exhausted and I feel like my daily talks help them.”

When I met Suh during the office’s learning lab, he exhibited a lot of charm through his general presence. He looked confident and I think that helped him to speak confidently about himself and his experiences. Suh’s charisma and friendliness naturally come in handy as a marketing major and future businessman. In his marketing class, he had to make a sales pitch to the whole class.

“Sales pitches requires the speaker to use his/her audience's needs and wants in order to come up with a compelling speech. In order for me to do so, I had to use the experiences I had as a dining service attendant in KU,” he said.

Suh was able to come up with a great sales pitch and ended up getting an A for that project. He not only has high hopes for himself, but the confidence to achieve them.  

“My desire is to go higher than anyone can. To be better than everyone. I want to be the one people call when they need help. My goal is to create a world where everyone can be happy. Some do so by being doctors and helping poor countries. I want to do so by changing how people view the corporate environment.”

Confidence is a term that needs to be discussed in any conversation about experiential learning. Everything that is needed to create a rich experience hinges on a certain level of confidence and adventurousness. If you are not confident throughout your experience you won’t get much out of it. You might not start stimulating conversations with the people around you. You might not get the full potential out of an activity. You might not gain the practical wisdom you need to impact the common good. Without confidence a truly rich experience can turn into a dull and unconstructive one. Suh’s confidence to face a new culture and do an outstanding job at it helped him to create goals for himself that will help him impact the world The thing about confidence is that once you have it, it thrives off of itself and creates more.

Experiential Learning Involvement:
Cooperative Learning
  • Finance Co-op
Project-Based Learning
  • Marketing 301 Sales Pitch
Student Employment
  • Kennedy Union Dining Services Attendant