Setting Pragmatic Business Goals

Lyric Fields is a senior Entrepreneur major. In A Closer Look Ep. 2, she sat down with me to talk about her experiential learning experiences, career options, and life in general. Lyric is a great speaker and had endless practical wisdom to share with me. There is no doubt that her past experiences have had an impact effect on her.

Lyric has had a great variety of learning experiences in her life. Through her work as an advancement intern with UD, she learned how to indulge in collaborative efforts with her peers. The advancement office promotes successful development, alumni relations, and external relations programs.

Lyric is not afraid to venture outside the continent as is see by her separate journey’s to Guatemala and China. Traveling to these places has helped her to think more globally. Engaging in dialogue with people from totally different cultures has given her concrete insight on various perspectives. Lyric was already an open person to begin with, but she now understands that it is our cultural differences that allow us to create unique and fresh ideas to explore in this continuously evolving world.

Lyric’s most beloved experiential learning experience was The Civil Rights BreakOut Tour that she attended at the end of her sophomore year.

“That was one of the most emotional, eye-opening, heart wrenching, thought provoking and life changing trips I have ever been on,” said. The purpose of the trip was to follow the life of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. while also learning about a lot of the racial tensions and history along the way. Lyric truly learned the extent to which African-Americans of the past had to endure hate, protest against social abuses of power, and even die for equality.

This experience helped Lyric to reflect on herself and the world we live in, in hopes to reveal a solution to problems effecting the common good. One person can’t solve every problem in the world in a day. But, if we as humans work together to make a positive impact on the world then the sky is the limit. The conversation between Lyric and I yielded some fruitful conversation involving challenges, improvement, and self-confidence.

Learn about these experiences and more when you tune in to A Closer Look. I hope you gain some new ideas from this podcast Thanks for listening!

-Chris Miller, Program Coordinator / Peer Advisor