Environmental Sustainability

Corey Kuminecz is a senior Environmental Biology major and human rights minor. He joined me on A Closer Look Ep. 3 to discuss past learning experiences, future aspirations, and more. Corey is worldly man who not only loves traveling, but also loves the environment. Just by talking to him for an hour and a half, I know Corey’s future would be filled with enlightening moments of discovery.

Corey’s experiences have molded him into the bright person he is today. He writes for UD blogs in hopes of getting prospective students interested in the University. He has written about the research he has done in Malawi, classes he has taken, Thursday Night Live, On the Fly, and many more topics that have had an effect on him in some way.

Joining the UD River Stewards program has elevated Corey’s love for nature exponentially. This program does work all over Dayton to do assist in helping the common good. Corey is aiding in the installation of a nature play in Cleveland Park. He described a nature play as a park without the traditional playground equipment. Logs, tire tunnels and more substituted things like jungle gyms and swings in this playground. Getting kids to enjoy nature is the first step in ensuring they know how connected we are to it.

Corey’s trips to Zambia and Malawi satiated his desire to get out of his own comfort zone. In these places he conducted qualitative research through interviewing community members, village resource committees, and other government offices. Through helping people thousands of miles away, Corey knows that true community expands beyond state or even continental lines. “These trips might be a life turning event for me holistically. They totally changed the way I view the world and what I was interested in, what I cared about it.”

Corey’s love for the environment shines through his involvement in the McEwan Ecology Research Lab. One of his primary projects is involves sustainability in regards to studying an invasive beetle called the Emerald Ash Borer. This beetle is very destructive to ash trees in North America. A solution has not been found yet, but researchers like Corey are doing their best to help remedy the situation.

I learned so much about Corey in this podcast. I found out we have a lot of things in common in regards to our belief systems, artistic interests, and love for new experiences. I believe talking about yourself and your experiences is a great way to re-evaluate your own thoughts of those things you took part in. When new perspectives are offered by the person you’re talking to, you start to see your past activities in a new light which can lead to a positive change in your worldview.


-Chris Miller, Peer Advisor / Program Coordinator