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Handling Disagreement in Conversations

Devon Dubiel is an International Studies major who has a had experience in many diverse environments. She sat down with me in A Closer Look Ep. 4 to discuss handling disagreement in conversations among other things. It is clear from my short time with Devon that her passion lies in talking with people to solve social issues.

The Intensive English Program (IEP) provides a rich experiential learning experience for non-english speakers and those that work with them. This program provides an introduction to U.S. American culture and helps them to develop strong English language skills.

Devon helps lead world exchange conversation groups, which combine IEP students and domestic students. These diverse students discuss different facets of their culture that enhance appreciation of world culture and teaches the importance of learning different perspectives. “[This program] was the singlemost significant factor in my life,” Devon said.

Devon’s work in the fields of tutoring and interning at the Cleveland Council on World Affairs has given her professional direction. “[These experiences have] ignited my desire to serve as an adademic advisor to international students enrolled in an English program at a university in the U.S.

In experiential learning you learn so much, but not everything lives up to your expectations. These experiences are still helpful because they let you know of the path you are not meant to follow. One experience in which Devon served as a research assistant in the Human Rights Center helped her narrow her scope of my interests.

Devon’s interest in international affairs is truly inspiring to those who desire a future where travel is a necessity. Her past activities in the community and beyond have given her insight on intercultrual communication. If gaining perspective on a student’s view of multicultural awareness sounds fascinating, A Closer Look Ep. 4 is the perfect place to lend an ear.

Christopher Miller, Program Coordinator / Peer Advisor

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