Using the Power of Media to Tell our Stories

The Office of Experiential Learning (OEL) provides students the opportunity to highlight their experiential learning (EL) accomplishments through digital stories and video resumes that can be shared with employers, grad schools, and other audiences at UD and beyond.  Through the EL Lab, website portfolio and video workshops, and individual media consultations, OEL empowers students to share their unique message about how they will use their knowledge and skills to make a positive impact in the world. Videos, podcasts, and websites are valuable tools which allow students to market themselves in new and compelling ways that go beyond the traditional resume.  Additionally, the Office uses media as a powerful tool to encourage more EL reflection, engage more students in EL opportunities, and ensure EL is accessible to all students at UD.

Media is also an important tool for highlighting the EL accomplishments of faculty and staff across UD. Through images of classroom EL activities and video recorded interviews with diverse faculty on various EL topics, media allows faculty and staff to tell the important story of how and why EL is unique at UD.  It also enables faculty and staff to learn from each others’ experiences, become more reflective practitioners, and strive toward the continuous improvement of teaching and learning practices.


The Office of Experiential Learning

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