Fall 2017 Recipient: Tam Nguyen

Visual Computing and Mixed Reality

Dr. Tam Nguyen’s Visual Computing and Mixed Reality course integrated experiential learning activities throughout the course from day 1. In his course, the students were encouraged to study by doing. In particular, the students learned how to program (decoding and debugging) the Virtual Reality (VR) applications. The learning outcomes were that students will gain hands-on practice applying and testing concepts from the classroom using VR headsets. Another benefit wasthat the student projects can be demonstrated in LTC VR demonstration space. Also, they can later develop their own VR projects for the Hackathon: Hack for Impact successfully organized by University of Dayton. Dr. Nguyen measured students’ progress by their performance in class assignment projects. He carefully conducted a survey to get the feedback from the students when they used the devices.

The mini-grant was used to buy VR headsets and VR controllers. With the new devices, students gained hands-on practice applying and test concepts from the classroom using VR headsets. Dr. Nguyen's students saw the results of their self-developed VR apps via VR headsets and controllers. The program leveraged student-driven learning, whereby students tested out and experiment edwith ideas and concepts inside the classroom. The hands-on experience was very helpful for students to get into the high-demand job market of VR developers.

Meaningful reflection deepened the understanding and learning by offering a vantage point of personal relevance. Before the activity, students had some goals in the course. During the activity, students applied knowledge and skills learned from the course with a new perspective. Meaningful reflection also guided students to consider what would have been done differently in a situation. After the activity, new ideas evolved from students. Students raised questions of greater depth to provoke further connectivity with what is being experienced and make future decisions with a keener eye. Students applied their new ideas in some meaningful activities such as UD Hackathon event.

Tam Nguyen

Assistant Professor

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