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American Society for Microbiology Conference Event

Dr. Yvonne Sun taught BIO 496 in Spring 2017 which was a course that focused on science communications. Dr. Sun designed and delivered active learning experiences to help her students practice their written and oral science communications that are directly related to their research. First, they practiced how to make publication quality data and graphs. Then, they focused on how to write Stander Symposium abstracts. Lastly, they focused on oral communications which prepared them to attend scientific conferences such as the Annual Microbiologist Meeting organized by the Ohio Branch of American Society for Microbiology (OBASM). This 2 day meeting catered to undergraduate and graduate students. It included speakers, career panels, and faculty from a variety of graduate or professional programs.

Dr. Sun brought 10 of her students to the conference on March 31 - April 1 in Westerville, Ohio. This experience immersed students in a variety of current research topics in microbiology and allowed her students to see how their classroom learning was applied to current research. Dr. Sun says, “ a research mentor, [I feel it's my responsibility] to provide them with this unique opportunity. A total of $300 was funded by the Experiential Learning Innovation Fund for Faculty to support the program. $11 will be used to pay for registration fees and $200 will be used to reimburse the cost for gas.

Dr. Sun outlined the learning outcomes as practicing science communications through data interpretation and oral communications, obtaining valuable contacts from students and faculty in other Ohio colleges, increasing awareness of current microbiology research, and building connections between classroom learning with real world applications. These outcomes connected to our student guidelines by furthering student’s practical wisdom and vocation by witnessing and networking with other scientists who used their research skills to solve real world problems and their communication skills to share ideas and solutions. Students would also learn to critically analyze research data and evaluate the validity of the conclusions.

Pre- and post- reflections were conducted through casual conversations, organized discussion, and a final report. These reflection periods enabled Dr. Sun to fill any knowledge gaps during conversation, expand their network, engage students through deeper reflection, and guide the students to derive personal meanings from the experience.

For more detailed information on the conference, please click on this link.

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