Spring 2018 Recipient: Jackie Arnold

Early Childhood Literacy Methods

Dr. Jackie Arnold conducted an experiential learning activity that let students engage in the selection and utilization of high quality diverse children's literature. Junior Early Childhood Education students engaged in utilizing the social-emotional cultural competency framework that has been integrated into the Teacher Education curriculum. This framework guided the students' lesson plans for their kindergarten through fifth grade students. Arnold was given $200 from the ELIFF grant to purchase the children's literature. That literature will be retained by th Early Childhood program to be utilized by students in future lessons.

Arnold provided a hands-on, self-guided learning experience by letting her students personally select high quality diverse literature as practice for their future teaching professions. Providing a meaningful, authentic experience facilitated their competencies of grounding literature to their own student learning outcomes. This experience helped to scaffold their learning in an active and purposeful way.

Students reflected on this educational experience by participating in an Isidore threaded discussion in which they shared their selected literature, thought about their process, and gave feedback to their colleagues in the class. As the facilitator of the experience, Arnold provided feedback in class and through the online discussion to build multiple layers and opportunities onto the reflection process.

Arnold assessed her students at multiple points of time in the semester. Students were formatively evaluated through their online and classroom reflections to determine if they were engaged in the process of selecting the literature through content knowledge as well as the social-emotional competencies framework. The students presented their literature selections to the class as well as other classes and professors to share their literature selections with others for possible use. Finally, students submitted a summative paper that detailed the criteria for their literature selections and how they plan to use the literature with their kindergarten through fifth grade students. 


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