Spring 2018 Recipient: James Todd Uhlman

History of UD Basketball Arena and its Relationship to the Community

Dr. James Todd Uhlman created an experiential learning activity that let senior history majors conduct a group research project on the "History of UD basketball Arena and its Relationship to the Community" for their capstone seminar. Their focus was on the early history of the arena, specifically the mid-1960's to the 1970's, which was a particularly troubled time in race relations in the city of Dayton. Built in 1968, it appears that the arena immediately became the largest desegregated sporting venue in the city. The students produced a website out of their research. 

Uhlman received $200 from the ELIFF grant to pay for student access to fee based online computer services for website design. It was also used to cover the annual cost for a website domain to host the website created by the students. Students used software such as Wordpress.com, StoryMapJS, World Map, and History Engine to complete this project. The funds were also used for transportation, photocopying, photograph/film reproduction, and transferring film/VHS stock into digital formats. 

Uhlman's class focused on four overlapping areas of research. The first focus was the internal UD history on the development of the arena. The second focus was the linking of the arena to the history of Dayton. The class closely examined the place of the arena in the context of Dayton race relations, and then by extension of the role of the University in that history. The third focus was linking UD basketball teams and players to the local community. The fourth focus was finding audio and visual resources related to the previous three topics. UD archives, city government records, and archival materials from local print media were used as research tools for the students. 

Todd Uhlman

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