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Graduate Programs
  • Ph.D. degrees in mechanical, chemical or materials engineering with energy systems emphasis.
  • One of two Master's programs in Renewable and Clean Energy in the U.S.; jointly established with Wright State University in collaboration with the Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT).
Integrated Sustainable Engineering Undergraduate Engineering Programs
  • Established undergraduate program featuring sustainable engineering throughout most engineering courses.
  • Energy systems concentration responsible for increasing enrollment.
Design and Innovation Clinic
  • More than 40 sponsored projects for Ohio industries oriented toward sustainable energy annually
NSF Sustainable Engineering Scholars Program
  • $750K over 5 years.
  • Need-based undergraduate scholarships for women and minority students.
Climate Change Impact of Fuels Conference
  • Hosted by the University of Dayton, October 2009.
International Appropriate Technology
  • ETHOS: 25-30 international internships in sustainable energy in Latin and South America, Africa, and Asia.
K-14 Connections
  • Strong connection to Dayton Regional Stem Center, Sinclair Community College Energy Program and Dayton Early Academy. 


Strategic Energy and Environmental Informatics

Kettering Laboratories 361 
300 College Park 
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 2835