Ohio Center of Excellence in Advanced Energy.

The Center for Strategic Energy and Environmental Informatics (SEEI) builds upon its extensive capabilities and develops large-scale analysis tools for energy and environmental management.

  • Geospatial information systems.
  • Air and water environmental impact analyses.
  • Industrial and building energy informatics.
  • Environmental remediation technology.

Economic Impact

  • Ohio’s energy intensity is the 4th highest among all states.
  • Manufacturing, an Ohio strength, is more energy intensive than most economic sectors.
  • Ohio carbon emissions are among the highest in the U.S.
  • Strategic statewide energy and climate impact reduction for EVERY building, residence, and manufacturer in Ohio will be important for maintaining and growing Ohio’s economic base.
  • Strategic CO2 mitigation will be important for maintaining and growing Ohio’s economic base.
  • A 10 percent reduction in energy use would save Ohio $3.8B per year.
  • Established partnerships with Ohio-based companies will leverage the University of Dayton's developed technologies to provide unique energy management services nationwide and internationally.
  • The U.S. will likely impose a carbon tracking system and possibly even a carbon tax.
  • Energy costs, especially those associated with large carbon footprint sources such as coal-fired electricity plants, would rise.
  • Individual industries or even companies could become regulated based on their carbon footprint.
  • Ohio could become disadvantaged because of its reliance on manufacturing, coal-derived electricity and strong need for space heating and cooling.
  • U.S. economic competitiveness relies on low-cost energy.

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Strategic Energy and Environmental Informatics

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