von Ohain Fuels and Combustion Center Receives NASA Propulsion 21 Grant

    The University of Dayton's von Ohain Fuels and Combustion Center in the School of Engineering won a $1.1 million contract from the NASA Glenn Research Center in Cleveland to develop technologies that will help build a computerized “intelligent combustor” for jet engines that automatically adjusts performance for “minimum pollution and maximum combustion efficiency,” according to Ballal, the division head.

    This cooperative grant follows an Air Force award, announced in May 2003, of a five-year, $31.5 million ceiling contract to improve conventional fuels and develop advanced fuels additives and fuel/combustion technologies for advanced aircraft and aerospace systems.

    The von Ohain Fuels and Combustion Center is engaged in performing research in fuels and combustion science and technologies at an international level. This type of research award will help build graduate engineering education by offering state-of-the-art courses, thesis dissertation topics, and faculty-student interactions. Researchers in the Center are developing better, cheaper jet fuels and advanced combustors for military and commercial aircraft.

    The von Ohain Fuels and Combustion Center and the University of Dayton Research Institute have earned a reputation as one of the country’s leading fuels and combustion research facilities that’s committed to engineering education. Next month, researchers and engineering students will attend the inaugural von Ohain symposium at the University of Dayton and hear some of the brightest minds in the field talk about the impact of the jet engine aviation.

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