von Ohain Fuels and Combustion Center Receives $10M in Air Force Funding to Advance Jet Fuels and Combustion Technologies

    As a result of its successful, award-winning research, von Ohain Fuels and Combustion Center has received $10 million from the Air Force to continue its pioneering work in advanced jet fuels and combustion technologies. The grant represents additional funding to an existing, “Versatile Affordable Advanced Fuels and Combustion Technologies.” The new program will address four key objectives: 1) the design, construction and operation of an Alternative Aerospace Fuels Research Facility; 2) alternative fuel property measurement and assessment; 3) modeling and simulation of synthetic fuels and fuel systems; and 4) advanced additives and fuel blending development, evaluation, and support.

    In the first task involving a new fuels research facility, efforts will be directed towards the design and construction of a coal-biomass gasifier for production of synthetic gas. The effort will also include a synthesis gas clean-up system to provide hydrogen and carbon monoxide with purity levels required for the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis catalyst. The objective of the second task will be the measurement and assessment of physical and chemical properties of alternative liquid jet fuels produced at the new facility, combustion properties and evaluation, biological properties, and flight test evaluation and support. For the third task, it is proposed to improve and refine many of the advanced models that have already been developed. These include model development over a diverse range of areas including thermal oxidation and deposition prediction, advanced cooling, combustion, and thermal management. Finally, in the fourth task, development and characterization of fuels and additives to provide for enhanced operating capabilities (laboratory and in-field evaluation) will be performed. This includes development and evaluation of Fuel System Icing Inhibitor additives which can provide cost-effective savings and improved operational capabilities for the USAF fleet.

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