A Valuable Asset - One Interview Away

Let us help you find your co-op asset. Every year in October and February, 60-70 employers join us at the University of Dayton for co-op interviews. In addition, our year-round résumé referrals can help you find your co-op match. Generally, co-op students stay with one employer for 3-5 work terms and alternate semesters between work and study, and, at times, work a double term. University of Dayton co-op students are reliable talents who are ready to help.

Work Terms and Study Semesters

  1.  End of August to mid-December
  2.  Beginning of January to the end of April
  3.  Beginning of May to mid-August

Students register for co-op at the University, which maintains their full-time student status. They do not earn credit for their co-op experience, but their work-term record appears on their permanent transcript.

Co-Op Employers

  1.  Relate the co-op's work to their major.
  2.  Assign new challenges, responsibilities or rotations with each successive work term to heighten the co-op experience.
  3.  Complete a student performance evaluation at the end of each term.

Other Employer Resources

Handshake for Employers
On-Campus Interviews (PDF)
Work Experience Performance Evaluation Form (PDF)


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